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"Hey Alex!" My roommate Raiven called from the bathroom.
*Crunch crunch* I finished the potato chips I was eating before calling back. "What's up? Are we out of toilet paper again?"
"Nah! The toilet's broke. Can you come help?"
"Damn.." The thing had been on it's last legs for a while, but I've never actually had a toilet break on me, so I never considered doing anything about it. I groaned as I got up from where I was sitting. The rest of my chips were going to have to wait.
I entered the bathroom and saw Raiven was staring at the toilet. The thing looked bad as ever. "So.." I said. "I guess I should call a repair man?"
"Nah.." She shook her head. "That will take too long, and I really have to go. But I have a better idea."
"What? Do you know how to fix it yourself?" I crossed my arms, skeptical. "If so, wouldn't it have been best to do it before it actually broke?"
She shook her head once more. "I could have I suppose, but I wanted to get as much use out of it as possible before doing this. Stand right there, over the toilet."
I cocked an eyebrow. That didn't make sense at all. But I can't blame her. I was putting off repairing the thing too. I walked over and squatted over the toilet. I felt like I was trying to use a public restroom without touching the seat. It was awkward. "Like this? How is this going to help?"
"Yeah, just like that. Hold still." She starts chanting some strange words and pointing at me.
"This is dumb." I start to leave and call a repair man. Strangely however, I can't seem to move my legs. "What the?" I look down and see that my lower body has turned to white porcelain and is beginning to fuse with the toilet. My legs have already melded to it, and it starts to work it's way up my body. I tug and struggle, but it doesn't accomplish anything. I completely stiffen up and start to feel like I am falling as I continue to fuse and get sucked into the toilet. I fall, and fall, right into the toilet bowl, where my view is facing upwards. I can see Raiven looking at me through the water. I panic. My head is obviously under the water and I am sure I am about to drown. "Help!" I yell in a surprisingly clear, if not a little watery voice. Some bubbles float up to the surface of the water.
"Oh my! That went better than expected! You look brand new!" She runs her hand across the top of the tank, and I can somehow feel it.
"What's going on?" I ask after finally calming down. I am obviously not drowning, so what is going on?
She giggled a little. "Isn't it obvious? I fixed the toilet!"
"It is not obvious! All I see is that you somehow put me in the toilet!"
"Well I needed to use someone as materials to fix it. And you aren't IN the toilet. More like.. part of it!"
"Part of... what!?"
She sighs. "You are the toilet now. And speaking of which..." She starts to pull down her pants.
"What are you doing!?" The realization of what is happening barely reaching me before she sits down on me.
"I'm using you silly. Isn't that obvious? Or do I need to spell it out for you as well?"
I don't even know how to respond until a stream of piss hits the water and tints my vision yellow. "Augh!" I scream. The first one is followed by a bigger "AUGH!" as I begin to taste something bitter and salty. "Augh! I can taste it!"
"Hmm, that's unexpected. And more than a little unfortunate for you. There's going to be a lot more of it in your future."
"What!? How long are you going to keep me like this?"
"Well.. It's kind of a one way street. You're stuck like that."
"But.. Why would you do this?"
"Well, first of all. I really had to go. And second-" The doorbell rings, interrupting her. "And second, I needed to get you out of the way so my boyfriend could move in. Hold on a moment. That's probably him now."
Raiven rushes out of the room to go answer the door. I can do nothing but sit there, my bowl full of urine, the saltiness undiluted by the water. I can hear them talking in the other room, and it isn't long before I hear the sentence: "Hold on, I need to go to the bathroom."
Mere moments later, Raiven's boyfriend, Adam walks in. His mouth is full with my chips and he begins unzipping his pants before the door even closes. I resolve not to let him know I am the toilet. We never got along, and there is no telling what he would do if he found out.
Adam stands before me and looks inside. "Aww, Raiven! I think your roommate forgot to flush!" He reaches over to the handle, and presses it down.
That small action.. A simple press of a lever. It sent a more powerful sensation through my body than I have ever felt before. I moaned. I couldn't help it. I moaned and moaned as the water emptied from my bowl and all the way until it filled itself again.
When I could finally contol myself again, I noticed Adam looking down at me in amazement. "Well I'll be! Raiven actually did it, didn't she? She turned you into a toilet!" An evil grin crept across his face. "...I am going to have so much fun with you."
I couldn't shiver, but what he said made my water run cold. A terrified squeak was all that I could muster as he dropped his underwear to the floor and sat on my face.
First came the urine and the familiar salty taste. My water turned yellow over the next few seconds as the stream continued, slowed, and stopped. A series of farts fortold what was coming next, and with a single word; "Incoming", he let loose a torrent of diarrhea. It covered the inside of the bowl and saturated the water turning it a thick brown color. Not only was the sight disturbing, but the taste was horrendus, like nothing I can begin to imagine. And not only did it taste bad, but it blocked my sight, completely blinding me to all but the murky water above my viewpoint.
I guess I should be glad that I was blinded, because I didn't want to see what happened next. The diarrhea was only the beginning. Next, a long log of shit pierced the surface of the water like a torpedo and fell neatly down into my pipe, where it settled.
More and more followed, and I began to wonder where it was all coming from. I could practically feel the weight of it piling up.
"Ahhh.." I hear from above as the onslaught finally ends. "I needed that." I feel him get up off of me. "Whoah dude. That is defintiely some of my best work. I almost don't want to flush that down it's so amazing."
"Mmmmph!?" I try speaking, but I find myself gagged by the log in my pipe. A mere bubble surfaces with a *Blub*
"What's that? You're enjoying this? I find that hard to believe, but ok. I guess I'll leave you like this for a few moments."
"Mmm mmph!" A few more bubbles plop from the filth. The taste is driving me insane, and it's only been a few minutes. I try and beg for mercy.
I hear him wiping before he adds the soiled squares of toilet paper to the unholy brew, and soon after I hear him washing his hands. He seems to be taking his time. "You know, I hear you're supposed to wash your hands for a good twenty seconds to make sure they are nice and clean. But sometimes, I like to go longer. But sadly..." The sink stops. "You can only wash your hands so long." He starts drying them slowly, taking his time as I choke on his excrement. "Alright, that's been long enough I suppose."
I feel the press of the handle, but instead of the intense pleasure, I feel constipated. I feel sick as the log is pushed only slightly down the drain, before coming to a stop as it lays clogged.
"Aw man, how useless. Looks like we'll need the plunger. I'm not sorry by the way. You deserve this."
A few moments later a plunger pierces the fog of feces and presses against the bottom of the bowl. He works the plunger up and down, forcing his waste down my throat. I gag as the plunger feels like I'm receiving a deep throat over and over and over.
He plunges for much longer than needed, but, eventually, Adam is satisfied, and presses down on the lever, once again releasing the contrasting feel of intense pleasure as I swallow up the rest of the putrid waste.
I regain my senses, just as he flushes again, sending me once more into the blissful hell as my water cycles. I can't help but moan and moan.
Once more I come to, and once more he forces the handle down before patting my on the tank and walking out of the bathroom.
After I recover, I sit there for a long time afterward, by myself, sobbing.
Changing Roommates
This is an altered result of a TF RP I did with :iconraive2this:
The RP didn't have me continue to be stuck as a toilet, but I figured I'd change that for this.
Hi all!

So, this story wasn't written by me, so I won't put the text here. However, it was written with the intention of advertising the guy who wrote it.

So without any delay, check it out here:
The Tale of Frostbyte

It's about an OC of mine I just created recently. An anthro shark named Frostbyte. The story is about how he was caught by a fishing boat and sold into servitude. A painful and embarrassing servitude.

If you like the story, please support the guy here:
He is very good at what he does.

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Hey all, I'm going to be getting a faux fur coat soon, but until then I need something interesting to wear. That's where you come in.

I receive a bag of random clothes. It contains anything you can think of, male, female, costumes, robes, shirts, underwear, whatever.

The thing is, these clothes are alive, and are you. Write what you are and how you attach to me, and I will try to become free. You can have special properties too, like stretchy or able to slightly control me.

This will be a group rp. You can interact with other clothing (people who comment) that I am wearing, but I can only wear one of any type of clothing at a time. One pair of shoes, one underwear, one costume, etc. Just so I'm not wearing 50 diapers. Compete for your place on me.

I am aware that this may get confusing,so just keep that in mind as well.

So.. I open the bag..
Turns me into a 7 year old neko maid.

There was a burst of light, disorientation, and a bit of pain, but as soon as I came to my senses again, Roxy was leaning over me squealing. I couldn't tell about what though, it was like a flash bang went off and my ears were still ringing.

As my hearing came back, everything seemed louder and clearer. I could hear things that I shouldn't have been able to. People talking outside... A couple having sex in the room over... Speaking of which, that's what I was hoping to be doing now rather than being attacked with magic. I tried to cover my ears with my hands, but my ears were gone! My hands searched until they found them atop my head, misshapen into... cat ears? Then I realized, my hair I was searching for my ears in had become extra long.

I blinked a few times to clear my vision and everything eventually became sharp and focused. I saw Roxy standing over me before she gave me a big hug and continued squealing into my sensitive cat ears. "Oh mai gawd you are sooo kyuute!"

"What's going on?" I ask, noticing the distinctly feminine voice coming out of my mouth.

"Well.." She sat down next to me and stroked my ear. I could swear I started to purr and twitch my leg. "I turned you partially into a cat. I figured it would be kind of fun since you are now my familiar. I swear I didn't mean for it to change your gender or dress you up like a maid, but I guess when I didn't specify, the magic just took the strongest picture of a neko from my mind and rolled with it."

"Oh.. um.. Wait.. Maid.. You changed my gender?!" I jumped up and began to check myself over. Sure enough, I was dressed up like a french maid, complete with dress, stockings, shoes, and... I shifted my weight and could tell I was even wearing some sort of lace underwear. I frowned.

"Oh, don't fret little sis!"

"Little sis..?"

"I can always change you back, although not right away, it might stress out your body too much."

I cross my arms and glare, but it only makes it look like I'm pouting.

"So, um, what shall we do now?" She asked.

(A): Suggest something

(B): Broom riding

(C): Just be done with the day

(D): Teleport somewhere


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