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Turns me into a 7 year old neko maid.

There was a burst of light, disorientation, and a bit of pain, but as soon as I came to my senses again, Roxy was leaning over me squealing. I couldn't tell about what though, it was like a flash bang went off and my ears were still ringing.

As my hearing came back, everything seemed louder and clearer. I could hear things that I shouldn't have been able to. People talking outside... A couple having sex in the room over... Speaking of which, that's what I was hoping to be doing now rather than being attacked with magic. I tried to cover my ears with my hands, but my ears were gone! My hands searched until they found them atop my head, misshapen into... cat ears? Then I realized, my hair I was searching for my ears in had become extra long.

I blinked a few times to clear my vision and everything eventually became sharp and focused. I saw Roxy standing over me before she gave me a big hug and continued squealing into my sensitive cat ears. "Oh mai gawd you are sooo kyuute!"

"What's going on?" I ask, noticing the distinctly feminine voice coming out of my mouth.

"Well.." She sat down next to me and stroked my ear. I could swear I started to purr and twitch my leg. "I turned you partially into a cat. I figured it would be kind of fun since you are now my familiar. I swear I didn't mean for it to change your gender or dress you up like a maid, but I guess when I didn't specify, the magic just took the strongest picture of a neko from my mind and rolled with it."

"Oh.. um.. Wait.. Maid.. You changed my gender?!" I jumped up and began to check myself over. Sure enough, I was dressed up like a french maid, complete with dress, stockings, shoes, and... I shifted my weight and could tell I was even wearing some sort of lace underwear. I frowned.

"Oh, don't fret little sis!"

"Little sis..?"

"I can always change you back, although not right away, it might stress out your body too much."

I cross my arms and glare, but it only makes it look like I'm pouting.

"So, um, what shall we do now?" She asked.

(A): Suggest something

(B): Broom riding

(C): Just be done with the day

(D): Teleport somewhere
...Forces me to act like a baby.

I can feel something changing in my mind as the mobile spins above me, and the music permeates my brain. I feel like I am losing an important part of myself. I try to fight it, but eventually am taken by a wave of exhaustion. As my eyes begin to close, my bowels shift once more, filling the diaper further, as I finally fall asleep.

As I awake the next morning. I remember the night before, and hope it was just a horrible dream. My senses tell me otherwise however. A disgusting stench assails my nostrils, a squishy mush fills my pants, and my body is clothed in an embarrassing pink dress.

I can do nothing but cry, and even that is stifled by the passifier stuck in my mouth. My moans of displeasure reach Roxy however, as her form comes into view over the over-sized crib.

"Aw, there there." She says, as she leans over to wipe away my tears. "Mommy is here." She picks me up out of the crib and cradles me in her arms, rocking me softly and whispering. "Shh shh." Somehow it soothes me.

"You must have had a nightmare!" She said, but as far as I was concerned, I was still in it. Here, let me take this out... I don't think you need this anymore, for now anyway." She then removed the passifier. Oh, the things I was going to say! I was going to tell her off and tell her to get the hell away from me... But, when I tried to speak, nothing came out. I just made a stupid grin and a baby-ish giggle.

She smiled at first, but then sniffed and made a face. "Oh, I see you need changing." She said as she lay me on the bed and began removing the leggings and diaper. next came the cold feel of a wet wipe as she cleaned my bottom. Sadly, a new diaper was then applied, and the leggings put on over it. "Good as new!" She then considered the full diaper sitting next to me. "Hmm, we shouldn't leave this here, or the hotel room will smell horrible when they come to clean it. Don't want to be bad guests." She walked over to my suitcase, opened it up, and dropped the diaper in with a wet plop before closing it again. I would have winced at the thought of the diaper in my luggage, but for some reason could only smile stupidly.

"Alright honey, what shall we do today? Shall we..."

(A): Suggest something

(B): Go clothes shopping

(C): Meet up with other mothers and their 'kids'

(D): Go home
"Time for bed my little honey-pumpkin!" Roxy leaned over to pick me up, and seemed to do it easily despite my dead weight. She then walked over to the crib and set me inside. The bars rose up as she set me down like a pink and white prison cell.

She turned and walked away, only to come back with a pastel blanket covered the animals from Bambi. As she covered me up with the blanket and tucked me in, she leans over and gives me a kiss on the cheek. "Goodnight my sweetums." A sinister smile flashes across her face and I wet myself some more. Whether from the laxatives or fear, I'm not quite sure. She notices me glance at my diaper. "Oh yes. I almost forgot!" She grabs the passifier and gives it a few squeezes filling my mouth with the foul liquid laxatives and muscle relaxant. I try not to swallow, but am forced to eventually, as it isn't going anywhere else, and my stomach begins to gurgle uncontrollably as my muscles are unbelievably limp.

She flipped a switch and a mobile starts to turn, soft music playing from it before blowing me a kiss and going to bed. As I cannot move, my eyes focus on the mobile unable to look away. I can feel it hypnotizing me, but just can't fight it as it...

(A): Suggest something

(B): Forces me to act like a baby

(C): Puts me to sleep
...Was a witch.

I guess I really shouldn't have been surprised, had I known witches existed anyway. After all, everything Roxy ever wore had a gothic theme to it, even her wedding dress. Now, I thought this was hot, so I never questioned it at all. But there are goths in the world, right? Ok, and maybe her little rituals I'd walk in on her doing should have given me a clue. Nope! Some people are crazy like that, and I found it attractive. Silly me...

As we opened the door to the hotel room, Roxy brushed past as she undid her flowing black hair. She sat on the bed and kicked off a boot. "Finally!" She laughed and kicked off the other boot. "Oh, do you know how long I've waited for this day?"

"Yeah." I smile "You've been counting down since last year. But now we're finally married." I go and sit down beside her on the bed. "And you know what that means..." I run my fingers up the lace of her black lace gloves.

"Hell yeah I do. I can finally use my powers!"

"Yep, we can... um what?"

"My powers. I can... Oh yeah." A sad look passes over her face. "I'm sorry, I wasn't able to tell you. It's forbidden to let others know about our existence. You see, most witches are born with some sort of familiar. You know, a black cat, a rat, whatever. Well, I wasn't, and while rare, it wasn't unheard of. Without a familiar, I'm unable to channel my magic, but there is a loop hole. If I am married, my spouse becomes a replacement familiar!"

"Ooohhh kaaayyy..." What the heck was I supposed to say?

"Don't you get it love? We are more connected than any normal couple could ever hope to be!" She puts her arms around my neck and presses my head between her breasts."


"Here, let me show you!" She releases me suddenly and hops up off the bed. She began talking in some strange language, and before I could react she...

(A): Suggest Something

(B): Casts something innocent

(C): Casts something twisted

(D): Casts something dangerous

(E): Casts something embarrassing

(E1): Turns me into a 7 year old neko maid.
...A blonde pig tail wig, and lolita dress

As I see this, I use what meager muscle control I have to flip myself over and attempt to crawl away across the bed.

"Ah ah ah! Silly baby! Where do you think you're going?" Roxy laughs as she pulls me back easily. After pulling me back, she flips me around into a sitting position. "Don't you want mama to dress you up nice? I went through all this trouble to get you a nice outfit." She boops my nose. "Sit still honey.

What could I do? Unable to fight it, I sat still as she removed my shirt and replaced it by the uncomfortable pink dress. Next, she pulled out some sort of tube and emptied it into the pigtail wig before securing it on my head. The goo (which I could only assume was glue) stuck the wig to my head as I could feel it quickly hardening. Then came a pair of black leggings, which she shuffled up my legs and over the full diaper. I made a face as it tightened around me, realizing I would probably be wearing it for a while. Lastly, came some long socks and black shoes to complete the getup.

I could only beg with my eyes once more, until she said...

(A): Suggest something

(B): Time for a walk

(C): Time for bed


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